Property Improvements

Apartments, Villas and Village Houses

Plan B (UAE) Ltd are able to provide ‘state of the art’ construction methods, procedures and positive solutions based on what you want to achieve in your home or business unit. We manage each project differently based on continued discussions with our clients and we provide you with detailed presentations based on previous completed projects. We pride ourselves that we manage the project in a professional manner with detailed documentation throughout the project, site meetings, weekly project up-dates and spreadsheet costing charts along with the initial ‘Method Statements’ and ‘Scope of Works’ documentation.

After initial discussions, seeing what is possible, planning and finding out what our clients exact requirements and needs are; we at Plan B (UAE) Ltd can provide you with experienced professional staff to carry out all aspects of the building services. We are also able to provide you with the services of our Structural Engineers, Architects and Steel Fabricators along with specialist product support teams.

We have completed many ‘full renovations and refurbishments’ of village houses, semi-detached/detached properties, apartments, villas and business units. In some cases, we have provided our clients with new floor levels, water structures, large structures and illegal structures (making good); as well as re-establishing floor levels with superior concrete waterproofing technology and procedures for balconies, terraces, walls, beams and roof areas (all concrete structures).

We have experienced certified scaffolders, brick layers, screed experts, tilers, plasterers, concreting, and water-proofing experts who only use the ‘best on the market products’ specific to each project and application. We also use specialist water-proofing products and techniques from Europe, North America and Canada.

Comprehensive building services are available to our clients which include: electrical, plumbing, rendering, tiling, brick-laying, decoration, kitchen/bathroom supply and installation services. We also work with our clients to offer a ‘material sourcing service’. Our teams are able to provide Class 1, 2 & 3 Building Regulation Certificates ensuring that our work complies to all local building departments regulations, this also applies for any new works within the United Arab Emirates.

We are also able to offer you die-testing, concrete density testing and specialist injection procedures. Working with superior concreting waterproofing technology, procedures and products from Xypex (Canada), we are able to offer permanent solutions which eliminate structural cracking, concrete breakdown, movement and water intrusion problems using Crystallization Technology.

The following examples show internal and external construction projects using professional methods, scaffolding, construction techniques along with methods of ‘water-proofing’ using superior proven products.