HVAC - Mechanical and Electrical

Plan B (UAE) Ltd supply, install and service all types of Air Conditioning units as per your requirements. We work in conjunction with manufactures who supply us with cost effective solutions including all types of wall mounted ‘split-type’ and ‘ceiling mounted’ units. We highly recommend Daikin manufactured units at cost effective prices and our installation teams are courteous, clean and professional.

At Plan B (UAE) Ltd, our team work side by side with our clients to complete the installation professionally including repairing and painting the walls & ceilings that are adjacent to the newly installed units. During the installation it may be necessary to ‘chase the walls out’ to install new electrical ‘fused’ sockets in accordance with new locations; we will again repair and ‘make-good’ all the adjacent surfaces. We are able to offer complete cleaning of any AC units & the replacement/topping up of the Freon R-22 (CFCs – older models) and (HCFCs/HFCs – newer models) refrigerant agents as used in most of the AC units on the market today. We service the units as conjunction with the manufacturers recommendations and also clean any ducting panels and vents as required.

At Plan B (UAE) Ltd, we are able to offer mechanical and electrical services which include the following:

  • Mechanical and Electrical door access pads and electrical gate openers.
  • Internal and External Lighting solutions along with BS & IP standard light fittings as required for bathrooms and wet areas (Zones 1, 2 & 3).
  • Supply and installation of superior BS standard external LED lighting systems with the appropriate ‘legal’ drivers.
  • Complete property wiring and amperage up-grades in accordance with CLP/DEWA/NICEIC regulations.
  • Supply and install new ‘consumer boxes to up-grade the service to the incoming property to allow additional appliances as required.
  • All disciplines of Mechanical and Electrical services are available.

CLP, NICEIC & DEWA certified staff available.