Sai Kung complete makeover

We were requested to complete a make-over of the old pizza restaurant in Sai Kung. A complete ‘rip-out’ was required including knocking through from downstairs to the first floor. Water-proofing treatment was required on the ceilings and walls along with new tiled flooring throughout. A new kitchen/bar was designed and supplied, new laminate walls were constructed along with a ‘secret door’ access to the first floor. New ‘folding windows’ were installed along with new ‘folding doors’ to the ground and first floor allowing an open atmosphere to both floors. New electrics along with ceiling AC units were supplied, installed and fitted. Ceilings were treated and repainted along with soundproofing and a new stainless-steel door was fitted to the first floor as an emergency exit, testing of all services was completed in accordance with the appropriate regulations and building departments.