Stepped decking

A large garden project which required us to clear the existing foliage before we could commence digging out the holes to accommodate the 70+ up-rights which supported the stepped decking area. We also had to cut around existing trees to provide a ‘feature’ with up-lighters. It was necessary to work off the existing walled area to provide a ‘datum’ to get our decking lines correct. Membranes/gravel were also supplied and fitted to inhibit weed growth beneath the decking area. We supplied and fitted treated timbers for the 10cm x 10cm up-rights and 10cm x 7.5cm cross section support beams. 104 square meters of 60% virgin polypropylene decking boards were used along with a complete fabricated electrical support box. We also constructed and fitted galvanized support rods for ‘overhead lighting columns’ to house LED lighting to the seating areas.